For the Love of God, Just Say "I Do" Already!

May 28th, 2009

These two need to seriously tie the knot and soon! Rumors of an engagement have been circling Jamie Kennedy and Jennifer Love Hewitt for nearly a week now. The cutest couple ever was caught shopping for Cartier love bracelets and perusing a line of engagement rings. If he doesn't ask her soon, I will. All I will need is her number, an engagement ring and for the judge to rescind that restraining order...

One of Jennifer Love Hewitt's longtime pals says the "Ghost Whisperer" star and comedian and actor Jamie Kennedy, who met the actress while co-starring on her CBS drama series, are close to getting engaged.

Not only have the couple bought matching "love bracelets" from Cartier -- that come with tiny screwdrivers to fasten on each other's wrist -- "but they've also been shopping for an engagement ring for Jennifer," the source said. (source)

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