Former Miss USA Tara Conner, Suicidal

Jan 24th, 2009

Times must be tough for former Miss USA, Tara Conner. The smoking hot finalist's admission to underage drinking and drug use almost cost her the crown and her life. Emotions were flying high and dealing with the new pain of America's most attractive person became a life altering event tragedy. For Conner, her dream come true turned into a horrific nightmare. We're just glad you are alive so we may ogle your pictures with as much respect as possible!

Calling herself "Mess USA," former beauty queen Tara Conner introduces herself to fellow contestants on CMT's new season of Gone Country with a shocking admission: After the revelations of her underage drug and alcohol use that nearly cost her the 2006 Miss USA crown, Conner contemplated suicide.

"When everything went down with me when I was Miss USA, I didn't know who I was," Conner tells her castmates on the show's premiere episode, airing this weekend. "I didn't know what real emotions were. I was a miserable person. I got to the point, literally, where I was suicidal." (source)

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