GaGa leaving little to the imagination

Aug 24th, 2013

The wire has been aflutter with tales of GaGa recently. From mixed reviews on her latest single 'Applause' (I personally don't think it's as good as some of her other stuff but it's not offensive to the ear), through to a spat with Perez Hilton over Twitter and a recent rather revealing outfit (no huge surprises there though).

GaGa was seen out on August 10 in a bejeweled, see through cat suit with just a bra and G-string (I wonder what her Nan thinks...) and a frankly well toned derriere on display, queue media frenzy..

The argument with Perez Hilton escalated after he slated her single 'Applause' claiming that it's 'un-relatable...' - not that I would suggest much of GaGa's life is particularly relatable. The real source of the argument is said to have come from a picture Perez text to GaGa following her hip surgery earlier this year - of GaGa in a wheelchair with Karma written on it and a picture of Madonna pointing a gun at her... I can kind of see why she'd be a bit upset.

In any case, this is mostly an opportunity for us to put up a few pics of GaGa barely dressed!

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