Get Ready To Shake, Rattle, & Roll Your Breasts For Disney!

Mar 24th, 2010

Calling all actresses, Disney is looking for a new lady to star alongside Johnny Depp in the upcoming fourth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean. But if you're Heidi Montag and think your fake breasts are going to get you the role, think again.

In probably the most perverted thing I've read this year, Disney put out an AD looking for a particular kind of gal. Here's what the NY Post published today:

[Disney] has banned actresses with artificial enhancements for the fourth installment, "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides," directed by Rob Marshall and starring Johnny Depp as the drunken buccaneer Jack Sparrow.

The filmmakers sent out a casting call last week seeking "beautiful female fit models. Must be 5ft7in-5ft8in, size 4 or 6, no bigger or smaller. Age 18-25. Must have a lean dancer body. Must have real breasts. Do not submit if you have implants."

And they warn that there'll be a "show and tell" day.

To make sure LA talent scouts don't get caught in a "booby trap," potential lassies will have to undergo a Hollywood-style jiggle-your-jugs test and jog for judges. If there's nothing moving from the waist up, they're saying, it's a dead giveaway that you're not all flesh and bones -- and you're out.

You know what, I think this was seriously made for Heidi Montag. Although these producers are sick human beings for posting this crap (especially the jiggle your jugs part), I can't blame them for wanting to keep a desperate plastic surgery obsessed idiot out from auditions. What do you think? Has Disney gone too far?

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BlondieeWood on 03/26/2010 @ 05:26

Thank you for your response, Bananas. It is much appreciated and I agree with you when it comes plastic surgery used to change oneself's image solely for society. Thank you for your comment!

Bananas on 03/25/2010 @ 12:58

I don't think Disney has gone too far. They have every right to make specifications for the role they want. Even though it's a pg-13 movie, with a more adult mindset, it's still Disney. They don't need to be perpetuating the "If I get implants I get cast more" ideal, or, "If I get implants, I'm automatically pretty" ideal to their young audience. They can just as well find lots of women with big breasts that are real and it shouldn't be a prob. Casting people with surgical enhancements that are often as obvious as implants tend to be, also sends out a CULTURAL message, so people shouldn't just dismiss the having implants issue as irrelevant to the role. No matter what anyone wants to say, the plastic surgery phenomenon is more than just "making yourself happy". It's about changing yourself to make society laud you more, to increase work in some media avenues, to get attention, to fit some ideal of beauty, etc. Disney doesn't need all that.

BlondieeWood on 03/26/2010 @ 05:28

The only part I really wanted to point out was the 'jiggle your jugs' test. I find that extremely disrespectful, disgusting, and downright wrong.

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