Gisele Bundchen Preggers with Tom Brady's Baby?

Jun 22nd, 2009

If there were ever a couple that always keeps the media guessing, it's Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. All last year there were rumors of them being engaged, then not being engaged, then getting married, and not getting married. Now the running theme this year is PREGNANCY! After months of speculation and the rumors being killed, here they are again to make us all jealous of the perfect life these mo's have.

Let's get into the source behind this rumor, shall we? Reputable and honest magazine Life & Style (hope you caught the hint of sarcasm there) says a source confirms that the pair have denied being pregs, but that there is a little bun in the oven after all!

An insider tells the mag that Gisele is in fact "3 months pregnant" and due sometime in December. “She believes she got pregnant on their honeymoon in Brazil. Gisele and Tom want to keep the pregnancy secret but have told a few close friends and family.” (source)

Just make the God damn kid already. Seriously those two having sex alone is a beautiful thing. You know in nine months time the next Messiah is going to pop out giving Shiloh Jolie-Pitt a run for her money. That or those two will grow up and make a baby of their own. The ultimate treasure! Sadly, Bridget Moynahan will be found pulling her hair out and biting her nails while screaming "I'll get you Gisele! And your amazing super model bod too!" Then she'll hex her with stretch marks.

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