Gosselins: Womanizer and Ball-Buster Birthday Party Showdown!

Oct 08th, 2009

Kate doesn't want Jon anywhere near her or their twin girls Mady and Cara for the girls' birthday. According to TMZ, Kate has had enough with Jon and his recent antics.

According to an email Kate sent Jon, which he read aloud to TMZ cameras, she wants to limit his session with the twins to just two hours.

Jon's response was that Kate's demands were ridiculous and he will stay as long as he wants.

Kate is such a ball-buster! I used to feel sorry for her and her pressed out hairdo, HATED IT, but now I don't.

Let the man see his kids! Was he wrong for what he did to you, HELL YEAH, but is that a reason to use your kids as pawns, HELL NO!!! You're both wrong and need to grow up!

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