'Gossip Girl' Brings Out the Diva in Hilary Duff

Sep 02nd, 2009

What happens when you're barely making the B- list and you get a stint shot on Gossip Girl? Usually many actresses would thank their lucky stars and be on their best behavior...turns out when you're Hilary Duff, it brings out the diva.

According to The New York Post sources say the Lizzie McGuire star (because that's really anyone can remember her as) has been getting quite diva-ish on set of Gossip Girl.

THERE was some unscripted drama on the "Gossip Girl" set Tuesday. A source told Page Six, "One of the girls refused to get out of her trailer" while the cast was filming near Gramercy Park. A second source confirmed the diva starlet was Hilary Duff (above), saying, "No one could believe they would actually hold up taping for her. Nobody in the cast behaves like that." A publicist for Duff could not be reached. A rep for "Gossip Girl" said, "It's absolutely not true." (source)

Yawn. Hilary Duff is about as diva as Queen Latifah is straight. Don't know why we had to reference Queen, but we did.

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