Gwyneth Paltrow Introduced Jake Gyllenhaal And Taylor Swift

Dec 21st, 2010

I'm sure you've all lost sleep on how Taylor Swift met Jake Gyllenhaal. Well, now you can all rest easy because it's Gwyneth Paltrow's fault. The two randos got together after they met at Gwyneth & Chris Martin's home back in the day and Gwyn decided to spill the beans about it.

“It’s so weird. I wonder how people find out these things. It was a while ago, so I don’t know why it would come out today,” she told the publication after being told about the rumor, noting she was “scared to say” much more.

“I’ve just known Jake for a long time and he’s a great guy,” she explained (the two starred together in the 2005 film, “Proof”), noting that her husband (and Coldplay frontman) Chris “has a friendship with Taylor.”

...and we're waiting for the Jake Gyllenhaal break up song right after the New Year. Don't disappoint us, Tay.

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