Halle Berry May Do Inappropriate Things In Front Of Her Daughter

Feb 09th, 2011

And the plot thickens! Seriously, every day there is at least one new story surrounding this whole Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry custody battle. Although we're sure Gabriel's doing this just to keep his 15 minutes going (since it didn't work out when he decided to date Kim for two of them), we couldn't help but deliver this story to all of you.

[Gabriel Aubry] is unhappy with what he claims is Berry’s total lack of respect for him — often calling him “just a model” — something Aubry believes eventually will have a negative impact on how he is perceived by the ex-couple’s daughter.

Separately, Aubry is said to despise Berry’s new beau, actor Olivier Martinez, “and is not happy with some things that have taken place — some very adult activities — in the presence of Nahla,” said another source who is friends with Aubry.

Well, that's an interesting visual.

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