Heather Locklear in Talks to Move Back to Melrose Place

Aug 25th, 2009

The bitch could be back! Several media outlets are reporting that Heather Locklear is indeed in talks to reprise her role as notorious ad exec, Amanda Woodward, on the CW’s revamped Melrose Place.

First order of business for the bad-ass Ms. Woodward should be to get this show on the right track and get rid of Ashlee Simpson’s character ASAP! Perhaps our favorite vindictive vixen of the 90’s could do a little housecleaning and push Jessica’s little sister into the infamous apartment complex’s pool, causing an “accidental drowning?” If the writers are smart, they should kill off Ashlee’s character in true Melrose fashion, before she has any time to cause the show real damage. Just throwing it out there…

No one is confirming anything just yet, but Heather’s return could be the best news for both the new show and the struggling star. In 2006 Locklear was dealt a huge blow when her husband of 11 years, Richie Sambora, began hooking up with her now ex-BFF, Denise Richards. After a bitter divorce from Sambora, she struggled with depression, and was pulled over last September for suspicion of driving under the influence.

Executive producer, Todd Slavkin, recognizes that Heather’s return could generate great ratings. He recently announced,

“The door is always open for Heather Locklear. We’re huge fans of hers.” (source)

Heather’s return would actually make this almost certain train wreck of a show watchable! If she graces the new MP with her presence, does this mean Dr. Peter Burns (and real life love interest, Jack Wagner) will come back to stir up the drama as well??

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