Heather Locklear Is A Free And Cleared Woman

Jun 02nd, 2010

Heather Locklear won't have to worry about being held responsible for some car incident that happened last year or some crap. If you remember, it was rumored that Heather was behind the wheel of a BMW involved in a hit and run case. Luckily for her, the case has been rejected.

The cops investigated but could not place Heather behind the wheel of the BMW in question. Cops then sent the case to the D.A. for further investigation. Cops investigated again and sent it back.

Now, the Ventura County D.A. has officially rejected the case. The D.A. cites "insufficient evidence ... to establish who the driver of the vehicle was ..." We want to know -- how many tax dollars were spent investigating this? Ridiculous.

The Santa Barbara D.A. says this will not be a violation of her probation.

Yawn. Forgive me, it's been a slow news week.

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