Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Frolic on the Beach, We Vomit

Aug 09th, 2008

It isn't everyday we wish bad things upon celebrities, but today, we will. Heidi Montag is quite possibly the dumbest, fakest, blondest, most annoying celebrity, ever. Whenever she opens her whiny little trap, we vomit in our mouths. Nothing about the girl is real, from her fake white porcelain veneers to her fake monstrous twins, Heidi Montag is as real as Santa Claus hooking up with the Tooth Fairy. She's a walking time bomb and we just hope her career explodes into tiny pieces of molten suck. Oh, and we hate Spencer Pratt as well, may he burn in celebrity hell.

Spencer Pratt was on David Letterman a couple months ago and spilled the beans about how much he makes for a club appearance, wait for it, you waiting? He makes $100,000 per appearance and Heidi thinks he is low-balling it. Screw you both!

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