Heidi Montag in Playboy

Apr 30th, 2009

It's almost confirmed! Heidi Montag will soon show her store-bought funbags in a soon-to-be-released issue of Playboy Magazine. The celebrity will shed her clothes as well as her dignity after a few details are worked out and some paperwork is signed, reports Life and Style Magazine. The star will receive $500,000 for the shoot, only $400,000 more than what Spencer receives for a club appearance. Jeesh! The economy must be taking a toll on these guys.

The weirdest part? We just read an interview with a former Playboy Playmate where she divulged, the only way you can become a Playmate is by sleeping with Hugh Hefner. Which means, Spencer should be more scared of STD's than contracting the Swine Flu

Besides being Mrs. Pratt, Heidi may have another new role in the works: Playboy Playmate! Life & Style can exclusively reveal that Heidi's in negotiations to pose for magazine. "She wants to do it," the insider confirms. "It's just a matter of working out the details." The insider tells Life & Style that Spencer is encouraging her to do it and is working on negotiating a $500,000 deal for his wife. (source)

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