Heidi Montag Shops at Hookers 'R' Us, Loiters in Parking Lot Afterwards

Oct 21st, 2009

Didn’t we see this one coming? The publicity contriving (and, dare we say it without a stomach cramp, rarely boring) Speidi has gotten a little money hungry from the looks of things. Scumbag of the Century Spencer has resorted to pimping wife Heidi out on the street corner—err—parking lot to make some extra dough. Clearly, there is no other explanation for the hookerlicious duds. Spin that purse, cash cow! God forbid Spencer lift a finger to feed himself.

Honestly, we cannot imagine what we’ll see next. Maybe those cute little puppies they just purchased (Dolly and… Ninja?) will dawn some street walking threads and make their parents proud.

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