Heidi Montag Takes Notes From Britney, Fails to Impress at Miss Universe

Aug 24th, 2009

It appears as though the oh-so-despised Heidi Montag decided to take a few pages from the Britney Spears handbook for her Miss Universe performance last night. Specifically, we’re talking Brit-Brit’s bomb-ass 2000 VMA romp that taught future poptarts one invaluable lesson: when all else fails, strip off a suit jacket and dance in skimpy, nude outfits.

Much to the dismay of the whole world (literally), Miss Montag/Pratt/Bane-Of-Our-Existence failed to resemble even a 2007 VMA Britney... And we all know what that means. Spears may have sucked the BIG one that year, but at least her performance was more graceful than Heidi’s flailing and awkward trotting back and forth on stage.

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