Heidi Montag's New Bod Will Host For $10K

Apr 16th, 2010

If you were in Las Vegas last weekend, chances are you got to view Heidi Montag's newly enhanced body. And just for your information, the only reason why you saw it was because that hotel/club paid $10K for it. Ridiculous? Yes. Smart on her behalf? Yes. Too bad she'll look like Cat Lady (Google it) in no time? Yep.

After she got her 10 plastic surgeries done in one day back in November 2009, Montag kept her body hidden away for months. In order to make back every penny she spent on injecting herself with tons of plastic, she decided to show it all off for a $10K photo opp. Hello, Vegas.

Here's what an insider claims:

"It was worth every penny. No other celeb in the world could get this much attention posing in a bikini," one insider told said. "The sponsors would rather have Heidi than Angelina!"

Okay, I do doubt the world I live in from time to time, but I find it hard to believe that anyone would choose to see Heidi over Angelina Jolie. Who wouldn't choose the real thing over a girl who can hardly move her face to show emotion? Now that I think about it, people probably would get a kick out of seeing a walking wax figure.

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