Hollywood Chaos Exclusive: Karina Smirnoff Talks New Workout DVD, Marriage, And "DWTS"

Jan 17th, 2011

We have a treat for all of you Dancing with the Stars fans out there. Karina Smirnoff, who waltzed and whisked away Michael "The Situation" Sorrentino on the last season of DWTS, recently sat down with Hollywood Chaos to discuss her new workout DVD and how special her fiance makes her feel. And listen up ladies because Karina says you need to love yourself in any relationship!

Hollywood Chaos (HC): Tell us about your new workout dvd?

Karina Smirnoff (KS): It's a dance inspired full body workout. I developed the program and have been teaching this class around the country for years. After all my travels and success stories; I wanted to put it on DVD, so people can workout with me at home. Dancing is a great workout which allows a you to achieve lean long muscles, and this workout does just that. It's the workout dancers do to keep form! Not to mention it's fun! We have put a few really great "extras" in including my bonus feature Fab Abs!

HC: How is your dvd different from every other exercise video?

KS: One of my favorite qualities of this DVD is a love handle burner. It works your core, back, legs and arms, while keeping rhythm and having a good time. You will actually feel results not only during the actual workout, but hours later too. It continues to burn calories hours after you finish. The stories I'm hearing from people who have already purchased it are inspiring! I'm looking forward to putting together Level 2!

HC: Can you summarize how to stay fit in three words?

KS: Discipline, Motivation, dedication.

HC: Who would be your dream partner for DWTS?

KS: I guess my dream partner would be someone who has natural talent, an amazing personality, fun to work with, determined, and dedicated. Of course he should have a strong and supportive fan base.

HC: Who was the most difficult person to teach thus far with your experience on DWTS?

KS: Every student/partner is different. My favorite part about being on DWTS is the fact that we get to meet so many interesting and amazing people and we get to know them well. It's great when your celebrity is willing, excited and dedicated. It's way harder when u have to be a cheerleader all the time.

HC: Any scoop on the next season?

KS: No, unfortunately I'm usually the last person to find out the scoop on the new lineup. [laughs]

HC: What are your advice to girls in long term relationships?

KS: Just remember to love yourselves, girls!

HC: What makes your fiancÚ unlike any other guy?

KS: He is everything I ever wanted and much more!

HC: When will you tie the knot?

KS: Next year

HC: How should a man make a woman feel?

KS: Special

Make sure you go out and get Karina's new workout video! It's an understatement to say Karina knows how to keep in shape...she looks gorgeous every time we see her! Congrats on the engagement Karina!

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