How The H Does Tyra Banks Make $30 Million A Year?!

Oct 15th, 2009

Yes, this makes us sick, too. If we knew all we had to do was once be hot, gradually become annoying, make a show about anorexic aspiring models, and shout and yell on a ridiculous talk show, then we so would have went that path. It worked for Tyra Banks who now pulls in $30 Million a year!!!

Forbes have released their prime time top earning women list and there's a few surprises in there! Heading up the list is Tyra Banks, with an estimated annual earnings of $30 million. Tyra earns the majority of her money from the hugely successful America's Next Top Model and her daytime talk show as well as various TV cameos.

Second on the list is Grey's Anatomy cutie Katherine Heigl earning $18 million for her turn as a TV doctor as well as her role as leading lady in films such as The Ugly Truth.

The rest of the list reads:

3. Marg Helgenberger - $9.5 million

4. Eva Longoria Parker - $9 million

5. Mariska Hargitay - $8.5 million

6. Julia Louis-Dreyfus - $8 million (tie)

6. Maura Tierney - $8 million (tie)

8. Tina Fey - $7 million

9. Marcia Cross - $6.2 million

10. Jennifer Love Hewitt - $6 million (source)

Katherine Heigl number two??? This sounds more like "The Most Annoying Over Paid Female Cebrities" list.

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