How to Get People to Watch 'Heroes': A Hayden Panettiere Lesbian Kiss

Oct 09th, 2009

Sure, we all know Heroes ain't braaaangin' in the ratings like it once used to. So what have the producers decided to do? Throw in a lesbian kiss scene with Hayden Panettiere, duh! For some reason we feel it's kind of like child porn. Home girl's a troll.

Or maybe it was an evil plot ploy by Hayden herself to give co-star Milo Ventimiglia a piece of what he's missing. Not that he'd have anything to worry about---Hayden's no serious catch. Anywho enjoy the pick of Hayden lockin' lips with her college roommate this Monday night!

October 09th, 2009 by Tags: Hayden Panettiere, heroes, lesbian, kissing, sexy
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