How to Grab A Spice Girl's Butt: The Geri Halliwell / Old Man Edition

Sep 04th, 2009

Yes, yes. We know how much you LOOOOVE Geri Halliwell in a bikini so we decided to share with you more photos! This time around we've included pictures of a very old man getting his hands on Geri's derriere. If only it were so easy for us.

Here's our gal coming up from out of the water and letting this old dude man handle her. She seems as though she doesn't mind and this guy is playing it up for the cameras, so we're left to wonder as to why all of the weirdos in the world are the ones who always get a hand full...something to contemplate.

September 04th, 2009 by Tags: Geri Halliwell, bikini, beach, butt, sexy
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