Hugh Hefner Is Kendra Wilkinson's Bestie

Nov 04th, 2010

The last thing I'd want to remember about my life, is the era of having to sleep with 80-year-old balls. But for Kendra Wilkinson, it was one of her fondest moments. Who knew screwin' an old dude would get her to where she is now? Anywho, Kendra opened up to People about how she and Hugh Hefner are still very close.

"I can tell you that Hef is my closest friend," Wilkinson, 25, told PEOPLE. "I'm not just saying that. He makes sure he writes to us every chance . . . He's always thinking about us, and that's a real friend."

But it doesn't sound like hubby Hank Baskett has any reason to be concerned.

"I want Hef to see how my life is - it's just great," Wilkinson said, gushing about Baskett and their ten-month-old son. "I'm just excited to catch up on things."

Wilkinson, who caught up with her long lost pal Thursday, calls Hefner a very thoughtful man. "Hef always says, 'I'm thinking about you,'" she said. "He asks, 'How are you guys doing? Are you doing okay?' "

This dude can still form sentences? VICTORY!

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