Hugh Hefner Wants Kate Gosselin in 'Playboy' for $400K

Sep 10th, 2009

Since she's a famewhore, we'd be SURPRISED if she passed on this opportunity. Playboy could offer us $50 bucks and we'd do it. But really? $400K to see Kate Gosselin naked? Looks like Jon Gosselin got the better end of the deal. He's seen that creature nude for a long time.

According to The New York Daily News mama Kate is willing to go bikini, but not full nude for Hugh.

"Hugh sent her a letter, but Kate was totally mortified and threw it away!" a source told Star Magazine. "She didn't think it was appropriate because of the children."

Despite being "proud of the way she looks," Kate was baffled by the offer. (source)

One up Jon, Kate. People would rather see you naked before him!

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