Hunger Games praise!

Mar 26th, 2012

Hunger Games praise!

The new Jennifer Lawrence movie, The Hunger Games ranked 3rd highest earnings on opening day at the box office in history, following Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: pt 2 and 3 of the Twilight Saga films, and now its praise is being sung (or should I say tweeted?) by celebrities everywhere!

Blake Shelton: "It's was SO good!! I can't wait til the book comes out. I hope it does it justice…"

Ryan Seacrest: "Romance for the ladies, bloodshed for the fellas … after a century of filmmaking, @TheHungerGames has finally mastered the ultimate date movie."

Joel McHale: "Breaking entertainment news: Jennifer Lawrence crushed to death by avalanche of scripts offered her this morning."

Kelly Osbourne: "Just got out of seeing #HungerGames all I have to say is wow! it really is a must see!"

Miley Cyrus: "Happy Hunger Games everyone! :) can't wait for everyone to see it! Such an amazing film! JENNIFER LAWRENCE IS GENUIS!"

Justin Bieber: What other movies do u and your friends wait for in the middle of the night. #Hungergames."

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