"I was bleeding, I was swollen." Rihanna Goes Public

Nov 06th, 2009

Megastar Rihanna interviewed with Diane Sawyer this weekend to speak publicly for the first time about D-bag Chris Brown's vicious attack after the Grammy Awards in February.

Even when speaking openly about such a personal topic, Rihanna still managed to look poised and flawless during the interview were she revealed Chris was her "first big love".

We were best friends, (source)

she confessed.

We fell in love with each other. To fall in love with your best friend, it can be scary. We just fell very fast...the more dangerous it became...almost an obsession. (source)

Despite the "love" they had for each other, we've all seen the picture on TMZ of Rihanna's bleeding, swollen face right after the attack. She says the two started to argue about a text message on Chris' phone from an ex-girlfriend, then things escalated.

I caught him in a lie and he wouldn't tell me the truth so I wouldn't drop it...it escalated into him being violent towards me and...it was ugly. (source)

What a monster! Over a text message? Really? I hope that chick was worth loosing your love and effing up your career! We bet it's great to be known as the performer who can sing, dance, and beat on his girlfriend.

Rihanna went on to reveal that three weeks after the event she flew to Miami to be with Chris, but things weren't the same...OBVIOUSLY. Even after the humiliation and embarrasement she endured, Rihanna was more concerned about Chris then herself!!

"If I felt this depressed, what is he going through?...I went through a host of emotions."

Rihanna what were you thinking? Any man who puts there hands on you, never mind leaving you to look like THAT should not be a thought in your head. She soon realized what the hell she was doing, "I resented him so much...everything abut him annoyed me...him being around me, him touching me."

The diva has since moved on, confessing she has never even heard Chris' apology song Changed Man. No big, it wasn't good anyway. Rihanna is currently not dating, saying it is "too much" and doesn't express ANY will to be with Chris. We don't blame you Rihanna.

I don't have a desire to be with him...it's kind of annoying there's still some emotion there. (source)

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