'Iron Man 2' Movie Still Featuring Scarlett Johansson As the Black Widow With Some Cleavage

Jul 23rd, 2009

We have to say...we're enjoying these luscious scarlet locks on Miss Scarlett Johansson's head. Not to mention she's scored double points with us...if you know what we mean. Think Gwyneth Paltrow's a little peeved that Scarlett's been taking all of the female power from this film thus far?

Either way, looks like when Iron Man 2 hits screens next year, we'll have two main attractions...Scarlett's two buddies beneath her neck. Not that we're complaining because we're all for it. So enjoy Miss Scarlett, the new do, and our favorite part(s) about her.

All we need now to make this movie a success is a really bad a$$ action scene with Robert Downey, Jr. That or a really trash sex scene...we'll go with the latter. Throw an NC-17 on that beotch.

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