Is Bruce Willis Pissed At Demi Moore For How She's Raising Their Children?

May 12th, 2011

According to In Touch he certainly is! A source tells the magazine that Demi Moore abandons her daughters Rumer, Scout and Talullah "to live the jet-setting life" with Ashton Kutcher. Basically the magazine says that causes the girls to be "left along to fend for themselves."

“With a mom who looks and acts their age, it’s hard to see who the adult in the family is,” says the supposed “source.”

The girls have gotten so out of control, claims the insider, that their father Bruce Willis “is blasting Demi and Ashton” for their parenting skills.

But a source tells Gossip Cop that this crap ain't true so thanks for potentially wasting a few seconds of your time reading :)

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