Is Doug Reinhardt the One for Paris? Probably Not

Apr 15th, 2009

Is heiress, Paris Hilton, really in love with her heartthrob boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt? My magic eight ball says, highly unlikely. Paris has been calling her close friend and ex-boyfriend, Stavros Niarchos about three times a week, says a source. Is she cheating on her beau? Does she understand how relationships work? Doug understands they are close friends, but he doesn't know how much they talk. Maybe it's just a quick bootycall before the wedding, you know, to get everything off her chest. It'll probably all blow over soon. Pun intended.

Paris Hilton claims to be hopelessly in love with her new baseball player boyfriend Doug Reinhardt, 23, but I can reveal that she is still in touch with her Greek shipping heir ex, Stavros Niarchos.

The 28-year-old socialite has been calling Stavros "at least three times a week", according to sources. "Paris and Stavros are still good friends and speak on the phone quite a bit," says a mole. "Doug knows they are close, but not how often they speak.

"He recently bought Paris an engagement ring and she seems intent on marrying him." (source)

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