Is It Trouble In Paradise For Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Already?

Jul 08th, 2011

Relationships and Jennifer Aniston never seem to mix for some reason. But lately, we've been thinking that this Justin Theroux guy might just be the one for the former Friends star. Well, now the National Enquirer is reporting otherwise.

"Jen's romance has already hit rough water, and she's desperately hoping they can overcome these new problems. Once Justin split from Heidi, he became practically glued to Jen's side. In no time at all, he had moved in and began to monitor her every move with nonstop texts and cells calls. But what's really bugging Jen is Justin's constant nagging about becoming a vegetarian - like he is.

"[Justin's parents] refused to meet her or even speak about Jen. Justin's parents think she's heartless for going after a guy in a long-term relationship. Jen's starting to think she got herself in too deep too quickly."

We're crossing our fingers for you Jen!

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