Is Kim Kardashian Cheating? Reality Vixen Might Sue Magazine

Jun 09th, 2011

Did Kim Kardashian cheat on Kris Humphries early on in their relationship? According to New England Patriots safety and In Touch, she sure did!

"I was talking to [Kim's friend] Lauren about my brother, and she said Kim Kardashian wanted Bret's phone number. They chatted, and then they started texting each other."

Kim, who a friend says told Bret she was single, asked if he was ready to be her boyfriend, and Bret flirtatiously responded, "Are you ready for me?" and Kim quickly replied, "I'm sure I'm ready." Although she claims she was in love with Kris at this point, Kim sent Bret a text, which several sources have seen, asking for a "SEXY picture" of himself, to which Bret replied she should "be patient" because soon, she'd get to see his body in person.

But things could take a worse for those involved in the story. Apparently Kim is none too pleased with the story and she's threatening to sue.

TMZ has obtained a demand letter, written by Kim's lawyer, threatening "In Touch" that if it ran the cheating story Kim would take legal action. The letter put "In Touch" on notice ... the cheating allegations "are, at a minimum, damaging, defamatory, and an invasion of her privacy."

Kim's reps tell TMZ ... Kim has never even met or spoken with Lockett.

Nevertheless, "In Touch" is publishing the story in its new issue. In the story, Lockett is quoted, saying, "I knew this was a game to her, and this is what she does." Lockett adds, "She pursued me."

Ho fo sho!

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