Is Lindsay Lohan Violating Her Probation?

Oct 19th, 2009

Lindsay Lohan violating her probation isn't the most unheard of situation. Girl probably wakes up in a pile of her own vomit every morning---remember probation? Psssh, last thing on her list. But sources tell TMZ that Lohan may be in fact doing so.

Sources tell TMZ the alcohol education course which Lindsay Lohan is taking as part of her probation not only contacted the court about Lindsay's conduct ... we're told they may have already told the court she is outright violating the terms of the program.

If the judge determines Lindsay violated the terms of the program, her probation can be revoked and Lindsay could end up in jail. (source)

Please. The most jail time this low life is going to get in 43 seconds, if that. Money talks and although her career is in a down spiral, we're pretty sure she's sucked off any movie producer who has given her a role. Suffice to say, she'll be able to pay off the system.

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