Is Madonna Using Penelope Cruz? And No, Not That Way Perverts!

Nov 03rd, 2009

Hmm, looks like even Madonna doesn't have it all---she has to resort to using her long-time pal, Penelope Cruz, as a means of getting close to filmmaker Pedro Almodovar. The guy who's pretty much responsible for making Penelope famous.

According to the Sun Times, her Madgesty may be putting her pal Penelope in a very weird bind. Whatever Madonna wants, somehow home girl gets. You know her a$$ wouldn't be able to tap Jesus Luz without being who she is.

There's word Madonna has put her friend Penelope Cruz in a bit of a bind. While the two have been friends for several years, Cruz is beginning to think that Madonna recently has pursued her only to get close to filmmaker Pedro Almodovar -- the Spanish director and writer who made Cruz a star.

Part of the Madonna push came at a recent New York dinner they both attended where Almodovar was honored. That led to a pitch by Madonna for a film project starring both woman, directed by Almodovar.

Given the Material Girl's history of box-office bombs, Almodovar is said to to be hesitant but has promised to read the script. ''She still is Madonna. Her name still is magic,'' said an Almodovar associate. ''Who knows? Maybe Pedro's gifts could turn things around for her!'' (source)

We know how to settle this. Let's set up a mud ring on Pay-Per-View and settle this like women. Bikinis, mud, and wrestling. Sure, Madge has the muscles, but nothin' says fighting like a spicy Latina. Oooh, what a nice image.

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