Is Selena Gomez Jealous Over Justin Bieber's Interest In Pippa Middleton?

Jun 10th, 2011

Newest rumor in the Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez saga? Selena is "green with envy" over Justin's supposed interest in royal sister-in-law, Pippa Middleton. Word on the street, as we reported, is that Bieber recently signed a million dollar deal to work on a project with Pippa's family company Party Pieces and Selena is none too pleased.

Yes, according to Star Magazine, Justin Bieber is crushing hard on Pippa Middleton, and that's why he was so eager to help create his own special Party Pieces line. But the teen idol has "conflicted feelings" about it. What about Selena Gomez? For the time being she's still hanging in:

"Selena is hoping she still has what it takes to keep Justin interested," tattled a "Justin pal."

Well this rumor circulated widely enough online that Selena's publicist, British Reece, said this shizz ain't true. There ya have it.

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