Is Snooki Hating On Kim Kardashian?

Nov 26th, 2010

A battle of the smartest broads in reality TV for sure! According to sources, while Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi had a blast jumping out of her birthday cake and passing out condoms (since her party was sponsored by LifeStyles condoms), she was very unhappy when Kim Kardashian decided not to attend her birthday party.

"She was like a little kid when it came out," the source says. "She was jumping up and down and clapping."

One thing that didn't put a smile on the birthday girl's face was Kim Kardashian's no show.

"Nicole REALLY wanted her to come and once it became obvious she wasn't, Nicole was beyond disappointed. She said she thought 'it was rude' for Kim not to attend when she'd gone to Kim's party."

Naturally, Snooks took to her Twitter to say this story is but a rumor and is completely far from the truth. That would be one disgusting cat fight. Kim would just have to sit on her with one a$$ cheek and Snooks would be squished.

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