J. Lo and Tyler out of American Idol - who could possibly fill their shoes?

Jul 16th, 2012

Many assumed the decision had rested with the two star judges, but we have learned that both were in fact fired. With J.Lo demanding more $$ and being turned down and Tyler simply not being invited back (or so we hear) the face of the panel is set for a shake up.

The big question of the hour is who will join Randy Johnson in judging the next season of the ‘talent’ show and indeed, whether Randy is safe in his seat at all.

Ratings of the hit show have slumped in recent years causing pause for thought over whether the judges are responsible for this. We would have to question whether this has more to do with a lack of ‘fresh’ talent passing across the stage.

Tyler and Lopez were hugely popular on their show with their joint fashion decisions for each episode keenly watched and their professionalism broadly valued.

Were they simply too cool for the show? Are they overshadowing the ‘finger in many producing pies’ Ryan Seacrest? Time will perhaps tell and in the meantime we watch avidly (ish) as to who will join for the next season.

Apparently Aretha Franklin has expressed an interest… Could she satisfy the greedy eyeballs of the male (and female) viewers used to the J.Lo eye-candy and the insatiable Tyler lady-killer lips?

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