J Lo's Is As Good Of A Neighbor As She Is A Singer...She Sucks At It

Feb 05th, 2010

Personally, you'd never find me living next to any celebrity if I decided to head on over to Los Angeles. The last thing I'd want to do is live next to Jennifer Lopez and her skeletor husband, Marc Anthony. The idiots who live next to the couple are not very happy with JLo.

One of JLo’s close neighbors . . . told RadarOnline.com exclusively that living near he actor/singer is, at times, a loud nightmare. The neighbor, who doesn’t want to be identified, described a recent day when the neighborhood tranquility was shattered by room-shaking music and a thunderous drum beat.

Despite the large properties in the neighborhood the sound from JLo’s house shook things up immediately. “It was LOUD,” the neighbor told RadarOnline.com. “It was during the day, about 4 in the afternoon but even as loud as the music was I could hear JLo barking orders over the music!”

The fearless neighbor, not intimidated by stardom, walked over to JLo’s house fully intending to knock on the door and tell the star to keep it down. But the neighbor was intercepted in the driveway by two of Jennifer Lopez’s “handlers.” (source)

Please this is just some pissed off middle aged brat looking for her 15 minutes of JLo fame. I'd go over to JLo's house myself, tell her to feed her husband so he could finally stop shaking the house with hunger withdrawals. We all know it's that or it shakes every time JLo's a%% bumps into a wall...which we imagine happens quite often with a budunkadunk like that.

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