Jack Nicholson Wants To Tap Jessica Simpson

Jun 04th, 2010

Could Jessica Simpson be Jack Nicholson's next conquest? If he has it his way, she sure will be! It's confirmed that the 73-year-old actor asked the pretty blonde 29-year-old out on a date. We're pretty sure that date would consist of ordering in and expecting a happy ending for dessert.

Simpson, who declined the offer, tells Britain's The Sun, "I have no idea how Jack got my number as we've never met. He asked if I wanted to go to his Beverly Hills house for dinner."

How does one turn down Jack Nicholson? Okay, so the balls have gotta be saggy and his a$$ droopy, but dude's a legend and sure knows his away around the bedroom! He's fathered six children with different woman, c'mon now!

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