Jake Gyllenhaal's Hittin' Rachel Bilson

Sep 15th, 2010

Move over Reese Witherspoon & Hayden Christensen, your exes have moved on to each other! According to a few Hollywood sources, Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel Bilson are apparently doing the nasty. Although they have yet to be publicly spotted, looks like these two are keeping a low profile.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel Bilson are reportedly a couple, according to new romance reports. Gyllenhaal, who has dated Reese Witherspoon and Kirsten Dunst, and Bilson, who recently split from fiance Hayden Christensen, are an item, according to HollyScoop.com. A source close to the couple tells the website, "They're trying to keep a low profile but they're definitely dating."

Great, another young, successful, hot, gorgeous Hollywood couple getting together.

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