Jamie Foxx Has His Eyes Set On Olivia Munn

Mar 09th, 2010

This Olivia Munn chick is all over the place and Jamie Foxx was apparently all over this weekend at some Hollywood Gala. Sources claim the two were chatting all night and Jamie even copped her number before they left the party together.

Jamie Foxx spent the night flirting with gorgeous Olivia Munn at the Hollywood Domino Gala the other night. "Foxx looked enthralled," a spy told us. "He appeared to be taking her number before they left the party together, along with her female friend." Munn recently split from "How to Make It in America" star Brian Greenberg. (source)

You know Olivia's doing the right thing. Latching on to a Hollywood guy to get her name and body out there. It probably didn't hurt that she brought her friend along to help secure a nice little fantasy for Foxx.

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