Jamie Lynn Spears A College Bound Mama?

May 22nd, 2010

We haven't heard much from Jamie Lynn Spears. One day she had a hit Nickelodeon show, the next she was a knocked up preggers teen. Anywho, Jamie finished her high school education via online correspondence, receiving her GED two years ago. Since then, she's been quietly taking care of her family. Well, looks like she wants to do what any normal 18-year-old would, head off to college.

"Jamie Lynn is ready to continue her education. It was difficult being a young mom, but she's doing it and she's ready for a new challenge," said the source, who did not know how Spears planned on taking care of Maddie while in school. "College would be great for her - she's very smart. Lynn is so supportive of all of her kids, and she would love to see Jamie Lynn earn a college degree."

It only works being a teen mom when you're a millionaire and you can afford to somehow live your life as normal as possible!

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