Jamie Lynn Spears is Officially Legal, Who Cares?

Apr 08th, 2009

This past Saturday, Jamie Lynn Spears turned 18-years-old. Whoopty Doo! No longer are we as a society obsessed with sweet-sixteens or legal age celebrity birthdays. No longer do we stick heinous digital countdown clocks reminding the world exactly how many seconds, minutes, weeks, months and years until that special celebriteen hits womanhood. No longer do we care about what or who Jamie Lynn Spears does or does (respectively, of course!). It's your birthday, try not to make another baby on this special day. Tell your boyfriend, Casey Aldridge, maybe he should wear a party hat this year.

Added Bonus: Check out that cellulite around her mommy-thighs in that third picture. Warning: Enlarging that picture will induce gag-like reflexes and spontaneous projectile vomiting. Enjoy!

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