Jamie Lynn Spears Should be Aborted

Oct 08th, 2008

Oops, Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant again! Eight weeks large, Jamie Lynn is about to re-enter the spotlight for having another unwanted pregnancy. Friends of Jamie Lynn are begging her to have an abortion, while her mother Lynne sits back and cries in disbelief. Maybe Lynne should have taught her children about safe sex or possibly even common sense, which would have provided more useful in the long run. No word yet on who the father is, we're going to assume Casey Aldridge!

"Jamie Lynn believed she couldn't get pregnant while she was breast-feeding," said the close source. "She'd expected to have her period by early September." A home pregnancy test came back positive and Jamie Lynn cried her eyes out, said the source. (source)

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Starcasm on 10/21/2008 @ 02:11

We have proof that Jamie Lynn Spears is indeed pregnant for a 2nd time! Either that, or she has some strange eating habits.

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