Janice Dickinson Renames Show: "I'm A Celebrity...Get Me to the Hospital!"

Jun 17th, 2009

The show might be about a bunch of D-Listed celebrities (and even no celebrities at all) living on next to nothing in the jungle. And we all agree that although Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag were the biggest screw ups on the show, we doubt they can top the beauty that is Janice Dickinson. Just like Heidi, Janice found herself in the hospital from the harsh realities of the TV program. No botox for WEEKS!

Personally, I think this is all a part of the NBC plan. Desperate for some ratings, ya'll so they send 'em off to the hoppie when they wanna pull in some publicity. Janice found herself in the hospital complaining of hunger and bronchitis while being on the show.

However, an insider clears up the report by revealing, "She is not in the hospital. It's fair to say she was taken by ambulance this weekend from camp to an on-site medical facility for treatment for an undisclosed condition." (source)

So uh what's the source of the problem then?

Another source adds that "Her fate is decided tonight. Either she quits, or she might be too sick to go on, or she's taken off." (source)

We all know this broad is sick in the head. And don't you I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here fans worry about a thing! Sure the "super model" was hungry and apparently has bronchitis, but that didn't stop her from returning to the show. Someone got that jungle fevvvvvvver? Or a never ending cry for attention? Call us crazy, but we think the latter.

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