January Jones Causes A Crazy Wreck, But Can't Handle The 'Commotion' And Flees

Jun 11th, 2010

January Jones is just too good for commotion. You know, especially when she's the one causing it. The Mad Men star cause quite a ruckus two nights ago when she allegedly lost control of her car, hit other cars, and caused some major damage. An eyewitness on the scene reported the accident and claimed Jones fled on foot after saying "I can't deal with this commotion."

Then she realized that's probably the stupidest thing she could have done, so she returned. Police were on scene investigating and January told them she fled because the paps were trailing her.

January was not cited or arrested, but her car was impounded and police have launched an investigation. Police say no alcohol or drugs were involved.

Police tell TMZ Jones told them she was at The London West Hollywood Hotel watching the Lakers lose and then drove home. She says several paparazzi started following her and she lost control of her car and struck 3 parked vehicles. Jones says the photogs were harassing her so she left her license and walked a half a block to her home and called 911. The dispatcher told Jones cops had just arrived on scene so she returned. We're told there will not be a hit-and-run investigation.

That's what you get for leaving someone's home in last night's clothes and jumping into a taxi...the paps will always get the shot! We kid, we kid. This is probably a career booster!

P.S. Bobby Flay was at the scene of the accident. Random, right?

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