Jen Wants Prenup

Feb 05th, 2009

When will the drama die out? Probably never with these two. Which is great for us because we thrive on this kind of bullshit. To make a long story short, Jennifer Aniston wants a prenup before hopping into a shaky marriage with singer, John Mayer. It's reported, that this brief hiccup is threatening the marriage proposal. It's pretty obvious both of these two have issues, but we're glad Jennifer is taking some sort of initiative to an already botched relationship. These two should be planning their divorce instead of the wedding.

"Jen has serious reservations about diving into marriage with John. She is very insecure, and at the top of her list of worries is that John is using her to boost his fame and fortune. So she's insisting that John sign a prenup. His pride is wounded, and the drama over all this is threatening to blow up their wedding plans, and even their relationship.

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