Jennifer Aniston Caught Doing Yoga Naked

Oct 13th, 2010

Jennifer Aniston certain likes being in promising positions...especially in the nude. But she probably didn't want to be caught doing them, which is what happened when a bunch of gardeners stumbled past her wide-open bedroom window and caught her in her birthday suite.

According to a National Enquirer report, the group spotted the star in a pretzel pose revealing practically everything. Not taking into account that the gang may switch their usual noon time, Jen was just looking to release some stress and she little did she know she was releasing theirs.

But just as she'd twisted her limbs up into one of yoga's most physically-demanding poses, Jen suddenly spotted workmen staring wide-eyed as they walked past- and emitted a scream so frightening they ran and hid in the bushes. Distraught, she jumped up, threw on a robe, grabbed her phone and started shrieking at an assistant that gardening staff must NOT arrive early when she's in town-so make damn sure it NEVER happens again! (Print Edition - 10/4)

This story is so funny, we're hoping it's true.

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