Jennifer Aniston Gets Lonely When Tipsy

Jun 02nd, 2009

...and here we go again! Jennifer Aniston is lonely and John Mayer is horny. Word on the street it, these two are talking about getting back together for round three of some more I hate you, stop twittering, we're done, baby, baby? I love you. While Friends co-star, Courteney Cox, doesn't like the idea one bit. The two have been texting and calling each other incessantly, especially after Jennifer indulges her wonderland body with vino.

Sadly, Jen Aniston and John Mayer gearing up for Round Three, insiders say.

Reportedly, although Jen's pals are against the idea, Jen is keen on the idea - especially after a little vino.

"(Mayer) wasn't calling her or texting her," a production insider from Aniston's new film The Baster divulged.

"But, as she got lonelier and the shoot for her new movie wore on, she started reaching out to him, sometimes very late at night. And sometimes after a few too many glasses of wine." (source)

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