Jennifer Aniston Has Frozen Her Eggs

Sep 09th, 2010

Jennifer Aniston's getting up there in age when it comes to having a baby. In order to perhaps have a child later on in life, the former Friends star has decided to freeze her eggs in hopes of one day conceiving.

A longtime associate of Aniston told IUC this weekend that, as a hedge against her advancing age, the star actress recently had her eggs frozen at a Southern California fertility clinic. The source added that she expects Aniston to retrieve her frozen eggs for conception soon. “She will be an amazing mother,” the source said. “Jen is incredible with children. For so many years she’s wanted to have children. She’s financially positioned to bring kids into the world and provide them with an amazing life.”

But who would be the papa? Looks like Jenny better pick out a good mate to put her good genes to use!

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