Jennifer Aniston is All Boobs in The Bounty

Aug 17th, 2009

Pssst...hey you with the lost sense of dignity! We need a way to sell this crappy movie. Take hold of this camera, snap some juicy "Paparazzi" shots of Ms. Aniston in this incredibly short skirt and low-cut top. Next, style her hair all Jennifer Aniston-esque. We'll cast her as Casidy. Shoot it, throw in some cleavage, a sex scene or two, some brief yet barely visible up-close snippets of her bare bottom and call it a day.

Even if the movie bombs, The Bounty will score some serious dough at the box office. Hell, we'll even recommend it, despite our entire rant only moments ago. Breasts > $9 movie ticket + Sno-Caps + Twizzlers

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