Jennifer Aniston Loathes John Mayer and His New Younger Girlfriend

May 06th, 2009

Jennifer Aniston is apparently in a forever state of being pissed off. This girl has been used and abused more than Steroids. Aniston is hurt that ex-lover, John Mayer, has moved on so quickly, especially because he is dating a much younger, much prettier woman. We get it, John Mayer is immature, likes to use Twitter, and cheats on you repeatedly. Get over it, make some more shitty movies and find a new guy. Holy shit woman, remember that show Friends you were on for like 15 years, well how about you make some and move on.

"Jen is hurt and brooding that John rebounded so quickly. She went on a rant, telling friends that John should be with such a younger woman - because he's so immature and juvenile. Jen IS bitter. She's alone again and John is getting the last laugh." (source)

Jennifer Aniston seen below on the set of her new film, Baster. We're going to assume the film secretly about John Mayer and the original title of the movie was Bastard.

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