Jennifer Aniston to Angelina Jolie, So Uncool

Nov 12th, 2008

Oh no she didn't! Jennifer Aniston unleashed all hell in the next issue of U.S. Vogue. Her remarks were so horrible, so insane, we can't even list the adjectives she mentioned about Angelina Jolie. Just kidding, she called her, "uncool"! Oh Em Gee! While Aniston clings to Pitt, her baby-maker sings to the tune of John Mayer for a couple reasons if you know what I mean.

In the forthcoming issue of U.S. Vogue - as first reported by MailOnline - Miss Aniston, 39, gives a searing condemnation of her notorious nemesis.

In an outburst that will lift the lid on their four-year feud, Miss Aniston icily described Jolie as 'uncool' for talking about how she fell in love with her husband while they were making a film.

A source said: 'This interview shows that Jennifer is no longer afraid of Angelina,' adding: 'It's hugely significant.' (source)

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